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I enjoy being the man behind the lens, and letting my photographs speak for themselves, which often express perspectives of their own.

I find myself lucky to be a part of different narratives, and capture moments in time that can be cherished for years to come. Working with live performing art events is truly spectacular, because I can channelize the energy of candid moments of laughter, music, melancholy, and drama into photographs that reflect them. 


Having been fascinated by the camera and the craft of photography,

I decided my career at a very early age. I don’t intend to express perfection through my lens, but believe that it is an intriguing reflection of life. To me, each photograph weaves a compelling story that is both ingenious and intuitive. I’ve discovered the joy of experimenting with frames, where the timeless chemistry between shadow and light bring forth a range of vivid expressions and deafening stillness in unison. 


I have always had a liking for symmetry and I find these elements abundantly in nature, which humble us and our limited understanding of the world. Wildlife photography remains one of my favorite passions where I can practice my skills and my commitment to the craft. I also work with brands and models for product and portrait shoots, where I like to delicately uncover the mysticism of human expression. 

Photography to me is not just a creative pursuit, it’s a labour of love.

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