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I Was Not Ready Da, 

A Standup Solo Special by Aravind SA.


With over 100 shows done, 

I Was Not Ready Da has toured around the world and

of course, extensively in India.


Motta Maadi Music

Badhri Narayanan Seshadri and his team provide the background music and the onus of singing lies with the audience.


The theme is usually the hit numbers of  chosen film music directors.
The concept has now been transported from  rooftops to packed auditoriums.

Evam Standup Tamasha

Evam Standup Tamasha is South India’s leading standup comedy ensemble, with 13 repertory artists and 2000 shows across 6 countries. 


Every year, they do international tours across USA, UK, Singapore, Australia, Dubai and Hong Kong. They also provide comedy solutions for corporate and private requirements.


South of Comedy 

A South Indian home for Comedy - is an Evam Standup Tamasha and Savera Hotel venture located in the center of the city.


We celebrate comedy in all formats and shows happen from friday to sunday every week. 


Some of the top comics of India including Naveen Richard, Zakir, Kannan Gill have performed at our space and many of the other outside artists content have been recorded at SoCo. People come here to celebrate comedy in all formats with a pint of drink.

Half Boiled Inc.

Half Boiled Inc. is an artist management and content creation company.


We manage artists like SA, Baggy and Half Boiled Improv. 


Our founders, Baggy and SA, are pioneers in the comedy industry and have a combined experience of about 20 years in the performing arts.


The Spotted Hyena

The Spotted Hyena

is the funnest comedy club in Chennai! You can find us at Phoenix Marketcity, Velachery. 


​We want artists to come perform at our space - be it their regular shows or the whackiest of ideas that they might want to try out. Come, be a part of our journey where we all cackle away.

Chennai Art Theatre

Chennai Art Theatre was founded by Charles to promote, host and support performing arts groups in Chennai - by providing logistical and technical support. Since its inception in 2016, CAT has hosted and co-hosted several productions so far that have enjoyed extensive public attention and attendance.


To start with our curations Erotica & Mini Tiffin Other than several stand-alone shows, CAT’s annual series are now part of the serious theatre-goers’ calendar and draw a large and involved audience.


The Theatre Binge is one of CAT’s premium annual events since 2017, wherein 4 established directors get to present 4 full length plays in a single day.Launched in 2018,

the Fringe Festival is a month-long weekend gala with a smattering of theatre, stand-up comedy, poetry, music and workshops. 

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